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9 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas That Surely Work

9 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas That Surely Work

Target marketing is the base of Email marketing.  You can directly send emails to your targeted audience to increase the conversion rates. Let’s explore nine amazing email marketing ideas that can boost your business.


  1. Less Text More Images: More text means you are losing one reader. Always try to put in some relevant images of your products or your ideas. This helps to grab the attention and improve brand recall too.
  1. Send Emails To Your Subscribers: When you send emails to your customers, give them the best offers, details about new arrivals, brief them about new services added etc. Make them come back to your portal and explore more.
  1. Send Emails To New Clients: Make sure that you put in relevant content when you target new customers through email marketing as this is to show your first impression on them. Mention about your services and what benefits will they get by purchasing your services or products.
  1. Ask for Feedback: Whenever someone buys your products or services, send them an email asking for their feedback and reviews. Make sure you do not send the email on the same day. It is advisable to give the buyers a little time to let them use analyse the products or services, before you ask for a rating, feedback or review.
  1. Put in Referral Benefits: If you do not have a referral program, make one. Ask your clients to refer your product/service to their friends and in turn commit them a reward. It will help you build the relationship with the client and will also help you generate few quality leads. This is one of the most important ways of using email marketing to keep your clients engaged even after they purchase the service or product or are your loyal customers.
  1. Connect With Them More Often: Put in your social media links in your emails and reward them by a discount coupon or something that suits your business, when they get engaged with your pages. This will boost up your social media network and will keep your clients active.
  1. Make Some Memorable Marks: You can have your custom cartoon character on all your emails. This relates your brand with that character. Remember that visuals always help your clients to remember you for a longer period. Every time a person sees the character, it reinforces your brand/company/services.
  1. Experiment: You can experiment with different designs of emails, different subjects, different sender’s lists, etc. and can get the clear idea of what helps in increasing the opening rates and boosts better response. Moreover, you can analyse which designs and type of content give you maximum conversions.
  1. Make Them Take Action: At the end of your email, put some relevant infographics or content that enforces your clients to take some action. This could be getting them on your website, sharing the email, going to your social media pages, etc. This will help you increase your conversion rates.


If you use and master these nine email marketing campaign ideas, great visibility and brand recall are sure to follow with improved email opening and conversion rates. Target marketing goals can be easily fulfilled with well-designed email marketing campaigns. What you need is an updated database or a professional that can provide you email marketing services with their expertise.

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