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Is Your Blog Page a Lead Generator for You?

Is Your Blog Page a Lead Generator for You?

Lead generation companies in India are now focusing on their blogs and social media to generate quality leads. Going by the statistics, 92% of the companies who blog multiple times a day have acquired a customer from their blog.

This shows how important blogging is for lead generations. Let us take a look at some useful tips:


#1. Maintain Consistency

 Blogging is not a one day job; you need to be mentally prepared to work over it for a longer duration with proper dedication. Writing a few good posts initially and then not maintaining the quality is worthless.You need to maintain the blog well including the content, the infographics and the design of the blog. This creates a good impression on your readers and helps you get more leads from your blog.


#2. Ensure Relevance

This is one of the major mistakes that people do by not putting up the relevant content on the blog. To ensure maximum results from your digital marketing strategies, make sure that whatever you post is relevant to the services you provide.In the blog section, you can very well highlight your strengths and your USPs. This will help you grab the attention of your potential customers towards your firm.


#3. Plan the Content

 Present the idea that you want to convey to your visitors properly and in simple language. If you are selling something on your website, make sure you present the product well. If you are providing any services, make a short introduction of all your services and mention the benefits to the visitor on buying the services.Highlight the portion where you are putting up your product for sale. This will directly grab the reader’s attention on this portion.


#4. Engage the Audience Tactfully

 Depending on the type of your business you can set up multiple forms, in your blog section to generate good leads. If yours is an IT company, it is always suggested to put up a simple form of getting a free quote for the project. Similarly, you can also put up a subscription form in order to get the email address of the visitor. Make sure the forms you use are properly visible, not too lengthy and avoid using even a single field for any extra information.


#5. Do not Miss Call to Action

 It is suggested by the experts that you need to have ‘call to action’ a couple of times on your blog. Once it has to be at the starting of your blog after 2-3 paragraphs. The other time it could be at the end of your blog or your sidebar. End your blog in a manner that your visitor will be enforced to take some action without the need to move here and there. The action here could be filling up the contact form or to send an email or share on social media, etc.


#6. Pay Attention to Audience Reviews

 Put up a section where you display your client’s feedback and review on your service or your product. This helps in building a proper trust level between you and your site visitor. If you have good ratings given by your clients, it would help, if you put it next to your reviews.


This way making a properly formatted blog and putting up various sections in a proper manner can help you generate good quality leads from your blog. Hire the best Indian lead generation company to serve you efficiently at an affordable rate. The more you promote your blog through social media, other high authority blogs, Email marketing campaigns etc. the more leads you will generate!

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