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Ways to Benefit from Email Marketing

According to Marketing Sherpa research report, one-third of website traffic consists of returning guests. However, the reality of web traffic is really different. Surprisingly, it reveals that most first-time visitors may not visit your website again unless you take necessary measures to keep them getting back. Building a list of email can help you to […]

Understanding the Basics of Performance Marketing

Performance marketing refers to online marketing, where you pay on the basis of your marketing campaign’s performance. It is good for your business as you pay only for what you get. So, the chances of losses are negligible, while investment in the marketing campaign is moderate.   Concept of Performance Marketing Performance marketing works on the basis of affiliate marketing […]

5 Lead Generation Essentials You Should Know

With the increasing competition in the business world, you need to take extreme care of your lead generation campaigns. You need to adopt the latest trends of email marketing and SMS marketing and get in touch with your potential clients through other digital marketing strategies as well. Here are the five essential things that can make your lead […]

Tips for Effective Planning of a Lead Generation Campaign

One of the most important aspects of any business these days is lead generation. This is what brings in revenue to your business. A very challenging task here is to lower down the CPL i.e. cost per lead. Here are a few very useful tips for effective planning of a lead generation campaign by one of the […]

9 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas That Surely Work

Target marketing is the base of Email marketing.  You can directly send emails to your targeted audience to increase the conversion rates. Let’s explore nine amazing email marketing ideas that can boost your business.   Less Text More Images: More text means you are losing one reader. Always try to put in some relevant images of your […]

Types of Social Media Posts That Generate More Engagement

Social media is one of the fascinating platforms for marketing these days. However, both local and global companies see it as a challenge to come up with an engaging social media marketing campaign. Businesses are now trying to manage their respective social media marketing strategies carefully. Although there’s no dearth of content and pro-advice for […]

Ways to Gain from Twitter Marketing for Growing Audience!

Social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Every individual is now using cell phones or computers to get in touch with social media. This opens up a huge scope for the brand owners to promote themselves on the Internet. Twitter, a micro-blogging site is one of the best choices […]

Video Marketing: Why Do You Need It Apart From Content Marketing?

‘Content is king’ is an adage that you may have heard and read about countless times, while dealing with digital marketing. But if content is the king, video is the emperor. Human minds process visual information 1000 times faster than written information. This is because our minds can ‘see’ the information and do not have to […]

Target Marketing and Its Significance!

The Proper market analysis is one of the most important elements of effective marketing. During the initial phases of planning, entrepreneurs need to identify the target audience as it helps to create a marketing strategy in the long run. Target audience usually refers to a set of individuals who require a specific product manufactured by […]

Things to Consider While Choosing a Lead Generation Company!

With more than hundreds of lead generation companies, choosing the right one can be quite a perplexing task. Studies reveal that more than 70% of the companies find it difficult to generate leads. Every business requires qualified business leads to prosper. Today there are many lead generation companies which assist firms in generating leads and […]