Reasons Why Amazon Affiliate Program Scores Better than Flipkart in India?

Reasons Why Amazon Affiliate Program Scores Better than Flipkart in India?

The popularity of affiliate programs in India has soared considerably in recent years. Much of it is because online shopping has become absolutely huge in the country, thanks to the increased smartphone use and high-speed internet connections being offered at low prices. Moreover the digital businesses have received additional boost after the demonetization drive.


About Amazon and Flipkart’s eCommerce Presence

Flipkart was one of the first names in Indian e-commerce. Established in 2007, it as an online portal where people could purchase books, but its evolution since then has been staggering. From electronics to gadgets to men’s and women’s fashion to musical instruments; at present, Flipkart sells almost everything you can think of.
Flipkart also offers attractive sales and discounts throughout the year, which allow customers to pick from their favourite products and save a lot of money. Co-incidentally, the founders of Flipkart were originally Amazon employees before they went their own way.
Amazon was a late entrant in the Indian e-commerce market. However, the company had already established itself on a global scale before it launched its operations in India. At present, Amazon goes toe to toe with Flipkart not just in terms of the products on offer, but also in terms of sales and discounts on offer.


Top Affiliate Programs – Flipkart Vs.

 Both Amazon and Flipkart have their own affiliate programs, which allow various websites and blogs to register with them as affiliates. As affiliates, their job is to promote the products, deals and offers available on the sites. Affiliates are given payments in the form of commissions, if their links are able to generate buyers for Amazon and Flipkart.
Due to the fact that Flipkart has been an established name in the Indian e-commerce sector for a longer period than Amazon, Flipkart’s affiliate programs were the first to arrive. Back during those times, Flipkart affiliate programs offered very little to affiliates in terms of commission. However, since affiliate marketers did not have much of a choice, they had to stick to Flipkart’s programs.
Later, when Amazon affiliate programs in India came up, things changed considerably. Amazon’s commission structure had a lot of benefits for affiliates, and Flipkart had to change its own to rival its biggest competitor. Despite the changes, most affiliate program reviews rate Amazon’s programs higher than Flipkart’s due to many other factors.

Let’s find out why Amazon affiliate program scores over that of Flipkart.


Why Amazon Affiliate Programs are Better?


  • As Amazon was a late entrant to the Indian market, Flipkart was the more popular choice for online buyers. As a result, affiliate links that promoted Flipkart products and offers generated more conversions and commissions. However, the scenario has changed significantly due to Amazon’s growth as a brand in India, and with each passing day, affiliate links that promote Amazon products are generating more and more conversions.
  • Amazon affiliate programs offer higher commission rates, and the overall commission structure is much better compared to Flipkart’s. Even though Amazon’s entry into affiliate marketing forced Flipkart to make some changes to its commission structure, it still lags some way behind Amazon’s. On an average, Amazon offers 20% higher commission for affiliates than Flipkart.
  • Amazon’s affiliate programs offer daily reports to affiliates, which are extremely important for tracking purposes. Earnings are sorted properly as well, and affiliates can expect timely payments. While Flipkart offers monthly and quarterly reports, the lack of daily reports may be frustrating for many affiliates.
  • All affiliates earn commissions based on conversions that affiliate links generate. However, there may be cancellations and back orders, in which case the conversions would not count anymore. While Amazon affiliate programs only displays the earnings from conversions that have not been cancelled, Flipkart’s panel shows the earnings from initial conversions, which may be misleading, as cancelled orders lead to the displayed earnings being deducted.



All in all, Amazon’s affiliate programs offer much more to affiliates than Flipkart’s. Flipkart has an edge over Amazon only in a few categories, with e-books being one of them. Flipkart offers 15% commission for e-book promotions that lead to conversions, whereas Amazon does not offer any commission for affiliate links that promote e-books. But apart from these exceptions, the vote is largely in favour of Amazon.

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