Tips for Getting Better E-mail Marketing Results

Tips for Getting Better E-mail Marketing Results

Getting favourable results from e-mail marketing may seem to be a difficult task, if you do not follow the right strategy for your marketing campaign. A successful e-mail marketing campaign is one that converts visitors into paying customers and boosts the sales of the client.
In order to get the right results, here are some tips that will help your e-mail marketing campaign to grow:
• Avoid One-Way Communication: The use of no reply e-mail address (one-way communication) is a big no in email marketing. Direct communication always helps in strengthening the business. Always give prime importance to getting feedback from customers. Addressing all the queries of dissatisfied customers leads to building a better brand image.

• Make Understandable Content: Always ensure that the content of the email is simple and understandable. Keep the format simple with one big image.Keeping the content small helps in easy loading of the page on mobile devices. Make a precise content that is to the point so that customers don’t feel lazy reading the long content. Put a call to action link that takes directly to the post and not anywhere else.

• Test E-Mail on Multiple Platform: Ensure that e-mails are working properly on multiple platforms like a computer, mobile, tablet, etc. The usage of the desktop is declining and mobile is increasing at a rapid pace. As per a recent study, 41 % of the e-mails are viewed using mobile phones. Thus, the functioning of e-mail on different platforms can make or break the campaign.

• Personalise: E-mails with a personal touch to it can immensely boost the marketing campaign. Including the name of the recipient in the mail helps in connecting with the customer and gaining their loyalty. There are many softwares available in the market to help you personalise your content.

• Use Right Sender Name: As per a recent study, 43 % of the e-mail recipients transfer an e-mail to spam without even reading it, i.e. just by seeing the e-mail id of the sender. So you should always refrain from using an e-mail id that is likely to fall in the spam list. Opting for brand e-mail ID rather than trying to be too creative is the best strategy to follow.

• Use Compelling Lines: Subject of an e-mail determines whether the recipient will engage with the content or not. An e-mail must have a convincing subject to attract viewer’s attraction and compel them to read the content. Without a good subject, the recipient might not open it or may transfer the e-mail to spam.

• Show Urgency: Show a sense of urgency in the e-mail that forces the recipient to act fast on your mail. Use words like ‘limited period offer’, ‘best offer for you’, etc.helps in getting better email marketing results.

• Couple E-Mail Marketing with Social Marketing: By including social marketing in e-mail marketing campaign, you can increase the reach and impact of the campaign. By coupling both the campaigns you can boost the sales of the products and earn a higher income.
Understanding your e-mail marketing campaign is very important to be successful. By following the above tips and strategies, you can reward your work in a better way. Catalyst Web Trendz is the leading e-marketing service provider. Our professionals and experts provide the right guidance and support. Contact us for any query. We are always there to take your business to the next level.

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