Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for ways to promote your blog or page by simplifying your work? Then this article is for you. Affiliate marketing has tremendous earning potential if you know how to use affiliate marketing tools.

Affiliate marketing tools are resources that help you generate more traffic and get more clients, which ultimately help in making more money.

Below are some famous affiliate marketing tools:

  • Thirsty Affiliate: For WordPress users, the thirsty affiliate is the best tool. It requires fewer efforts and is simple to use. This tool allows an affiliate to easily put links on the WordPress blog. It provides unique features like auto insert links, quick link insertion in any post, and so on. Thirsty Affiliate even lets an affiliate monitor whether each link is performing properly or not.


  • AdsanityAdsanity is a tool for affiliate marketers who want to display an advertisement or a banner for a pre-decided period of time. This tool allowsWordPress users to insert banner, video, and graphics in a post. The advantage of using Adsantiy is that it gives the performance reports of each post. It helps the affiliate marketer to know the response of the audience towards the post.


  • Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo provides killer information to an affiliate marketer regarding blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. that is shared most by the people. This tool signifies the affiliate marketers about the kind of content or posts that interest the people the most and accordingly he can work on the future strategy by compiling the data.


  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator: Affiliate marketers need the advertisement headline to be funny or catchy in order to engage a viewer. Portent’s Content Idea Generator tool does the job of providing funny and catchy headlines that help in boosting the advertisement and get viewer’s attention. All an affiliate needs to do is, give the topic to the tool and leave the rest on the tool.


  • Google Webmaster Tool: If an affiliate wants his blog to perform well, then he should make it to the top list of search engine results. Google Webmaster Tool provides SEO service to the blog or page.Linking the page with the Google Webmaster Tool helps an affiliate in numerous ways like; he knows which keywords are performing well on the page or blog, whether there is some error on the page or blog that needs correction and a lot more.


  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is similar to Google Webmaster Tool. This tool too has many power features like it lets the affiliate find out from where the traffic on the page or blog is coming, who the visitors are and what they do on the page or blog.


  • Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker: This tool is critical for the affiliates who are interested to know the ranking of the page or blog. Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker gives information about the drop in rankings of the page and the reasons behind it.


  • Keyword Spy: Affiliate marketing has intense competition these days. It is important to know what products or services top affiliates are promoting. Keyword Spy tool gives information about the top posts on the competitor’s page.

The job of an affiliate marketer is tough and to make their work easier, it is essential that affiliate marketing tools form part of their working pattern. Catalyst Web Trendz has a team of qualified professionals and experts who know how to handle each tool with precision. With our guidance, your page or blog will get better results and this will help you earn more income. We are always open to answer all your queries. Contact us now by phone or e-mail.

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