Video Marketing: Why Do You Need It Apart From Content Marketing?

Video Marketing: Why Do You Need It Apart From Content Marketing?

‘Content is king’ is an adage that you may have heard and read about countless times, while dealing with digital marketing. But if content is the king, video is the emperor.

Human minds process visual information 1000 times faster than written information. This is because our minds can ‘see’ the information and do not have to ‘visualize’ it. In today’s times when attention spans are low and people want so much more information, patience is no longer a virtue in the online world.

How Does Video Influence the Visitors?

Imagine you are a life insurance company selling an online life insurance product. Now, imagine that a visitor has typed a term ‘term life insurance in India’ in the search bar. He gets links on his search page. Which link is he more likely to proceed to? Simple! A link that has got a video. This is because he would like to ‘see’ something before he ‘reads’ more about it.

Now, let’s assume he clicks on a link that takes him to your website. What will he be searching for? Information, of course. He is more likely to latch on to links that allow him access to a video before he goes on to links that take him to the product that he is searching for.


How do You Use Video?

Video ads are very popular nowadays among visitors. If you have links on your website taking the visitor to your YouTube channel, there are high chances that the visitor would access the video ads that you have published. These would give him a fair idea about the products and allow him to take in more information about your company and its products.

Video Testimonials

We like to associate with people like us. That explains the rise of video testimonials where customers speak about their own experiences in a very realistic and normal manner without seeming to be advertising the product. Visitors to your social media page are more likely to hit ‘like’ and ‘share’ to these videos. Only thing is that they need to look authentic. Video testimonials that look staged can have disastrous results.

Expensive Medium

All this sounds good, but what about the cost? Video ads are expensive to make and they need to be pushed across various mediums like radio, TV etc. so that they can generate enough eyeballs. This is where low-cost animated videos can help. These are videos which can be developed using tools available freely on the net. The only thing required is a creative visualizer with good knowledge about the medium and the tool.

If you, as a marketer, are mulling over on how to make use of video in general, and video ads, in particular, allow us to help you in your endeavor to make your digital marketing campaign more effective.

Contact us to know how we can make video ads that generate more eyeballs and make significant contributions to your revenue.

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