2017–The Year of Technology Innovations in Digital Marketing

Since the last decade, we have come a long way in technology innovations. The things have changed quite rapidly for good. The medium for a business to promote itself has increased multiple times. Similarly, the customers now have access to various means to explore any brand’s products or services. All this have been possible because […]

Insightful Ad Tech Event and Why You Should Visit Ad Tech?

The world is moving at a rapid pace when it comes to technology and there is no better place than Ad Tech event, where the digital community comes together to showcase the latest technological advancements. Just like technology, marketing techniques have also evolved in a big way. Ad Tech will be hosting its 7th marketing […]

Grow Your Business with Instagram Ads

It is high time that you should consider using Instagram advertising to promote your business. Presently Instagram has 400 million plus users and this number keeps growing day by day. Advertising on Instagram provides an effective and efficient way to brands and businesses to increase their visibility and better connect with their prospective customers. Instagram […]

A Complete Checklist for Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have widespread network due to their huge user base. The volumes of visits and followers transform to great opportunities for businesses. This makes social media marketing imperative for businesses in the present scenario. A smart entrepreneur would maintain customer relationship management with its audience through different social media platforms. To do so, a […]

Why is Media Buying Important?

What is media buying? Media buying is the process of putting your brand’s advertisement on different websites where your target audience can view your brand advertisement and other offers. Nowadays media buying is very critical for the success of business. Catalyst Web Trendz is the leading media buying company in India. Advantages of media buying: […]

How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business?

Using digital marketing to promote your business is the order of the day. A lot of successful entrepreneurs have understood the value of video marketing. With the success that video marketing has garnered in its nascent stage, it surely has a long way to go. It has proved as a revolutionary advertising medium that digital […]

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2017

As predicted by experts, affiliate marketing is likely to grow to USD6.8 billion over the next 5 years. In fact, affiliate marketing would be a priority for businesses, regardless of its size, shape, and genre. There’s enough room for profit for budding entrepreneurs. Affiliate marketing is now mainstream and more and more retailers using this […]

Social Media KPIs That Every Business Should Track

Social media has come a long way. In its nascent stages, almost nobody could have foreseen the importance it would have for businesses that it has today. Apart from connecting people to each other, social media connects businesses to people as well; and the number of people could well be in the millions, if the […]

Outstanding Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

While writing a blog, the main question that arises is, what are the ways to monetize a blog? One answer to this question is affiliate marketing. It is a sure shot way to have income from the blog. A little effort towards the right direction can make your blog, an income generating blog.   What […]

Affiliate Marketing or AdSense – Which is Better?

Both affiliate marketing and AdSense are the great ways to monetize a blog. So the question is which is the best method to earn from the blog affiliate marketing or AdSense? The answer to this question totally depends on three major factors, the topic or niche of your blog, your audience and your blog or […]