Tools You Need to know to Get More Social Shares

Social media networking is an important part of digital marketing for any product or brand. If all the social networking sitesare combined, the population using it can form the world’s largest country. Everyone these days is on social media, so should your product/brand. Your product can capture people’s attention only if it has the quality […]

Tips for Getting Better E-mail Marketing Results

Getting favourable results from e-mail marketing may seem to be a difficult task, if you do not follow the right strategy for your marketing campaign. A successful e-mail marketing campaign is one that converts visitors into paying customers and boosts the sales of the client. In order to get the right results, here are some […]

Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for ways to promote your blog or page by simplifying your work? Then this article is for you. Affiliate marketing has tremendous earning potential if you know how to use affiliate marketing tools. Affiliate marketing tools are resources that help you generate more traffic and get more clients, which […]

Is Your Blog Page a Lead Generator for You?

Lead generation companies in India are now focusing on their blogs and social media to generate quality leads. Going by the statistics, 92% of the companies who blog multiple times a day have acquired a customer from their blog. This shows how important blogging is for lead generations. Let us take a look at some useful tips:   #1. […]

5 B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Your Business

Lead generation is the most important aspect of any business. Top-line of your financials is indeed the base of your business. So, you need to strategize the lead generation process well. With the boom in social media and email marketing, it is easy to catch up with your potential clients. Let’s see how:   #1. Social Media […]

Have Your Own Affiliate Program? You Need To Know This!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate higher revenues. Here instead of you, your affiliate partners will work hard to promote your products. Definitely, you will pay some percentage of the sales to your affiliate partner, but ultimately you will sell more. The benefits are not limited to generate more revenues only. The […]

The Basics of Online Advertisements: CPC, CPA, CPL and CPM

For any business, it is a strong foundation that becomes the source of success in the long run. So, before jumping into any business, you should know the basics of the trade. Online marketing and advertisement is a vast field. Social media marketing is one of the strongest pillars of digital advertisement today. However, if […]

HTTPS and SEO: How does it affect your Google Ranking?

Google cares about data sharing and security. With an effort to make your browsing even more secure and encrypted, Google announced a change a few years back – a simple “s.” The otherwise simple http:// is now https://, and it is marked as a crucial security factor. In fact, Google ranking is now based on […]

Most Common App Development Mistakes to Avoid!

With smartphones catching a rage and everything being on the fingertips of a common man, mobile app development is rather imperative for most businesses. Be it an email marketing company in India or a giant online portal that operates worldwide, having a mobile app is one of the most important requirements of any business, these […]

Steps to Plan a Successful Social Media Management Campaign!

Social media plays a crucial role in digital marketing. It gives an opportunity to businesses to create a unique bond with the target market segment. Thus, it is extremely important to use the social media marketing platform to increase brand awareness. However, considering that there are so many social networks, it is often overwhelming.   […]