Tools You Need to know to Get More Social Shares

Tools You Need to know to Get More Social Shares

Social media networking is an important part of digital marketing for any product or brand. If all the social networking sitesare combined, the population using it can form the world’s largest country. Everyone these days is on social media, so should your product/brand.

Your product can capture people’s attention only if it has the quality content on the post or blog. To get more shares you need to put posts which have substance and relevance in relation to your product. Only then people oversocial media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. will share your post or blog with other users. Sharing of posts or blogs conveys the idea of your product to other users. It’s like people promote your product and you don’t even have to pay them.

It is important that your product or brand post gets a high number of shares to score above your competitors. Here are few tools that shall help you in getting more shares on social media:


  • WP Social Sharing:

When an individual visits your blog or reads your post, he shares it on social media with others. The WP Social Sharing tool adds social media sharing buttons or icons on your blogs so that it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This tool has the best ratingamong the other social sharing word press plugin.


  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator:

An individual will share your blog only if he has read it. An interesting or catchy headline will enhance the chances of individual reading your blog or post. A good blog headline generates interest and curiosity among the readers about the content of the blog. Here comes the role of Portent’s Content Idea Generator. This tool generates attractive headlines for your content. Along with that it also improves your media presence by adding your blog in top results of search engines.


  • Image Sharer:

Putting content on your website, blog or social media is not a difficult task. To make the content more interesting you can use images too. But often putting images in the content is troublesome. Image Sharer allows you to share pictures on the social media websites. This makes your content more appealing and helps to attract more visitors. Therefore it assists in garnering more shares on social media.


  • Shareaholic:

Shareaholic boosts the number of shares your post gets on social media. It helps your post or blog reach to alarger audience by promoting the content and using advertisement. With that the number of viewers and the time spentby them on your page increases, leading to more shares on social media. Shareaholic understands your audience needs and includes the content that they were looking for in the recent past.  Shareholic is among the most advanced tools that help your blogs or posts to reach awider audience.


  • Social Rank:

Social Rank helps you to manage your followers on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, etc. It divides your followers among various categories like most engaged, most valuable, etc. This filtering helps you to acknowledge your target audience. It also filters the followers by using keywords in their bio, location, occupation, etc. This lets you direct your post or blog towards right set of people.

Catalyst Web Trendz serves its clients with digital marketing tools since many years. Our qualified professionals and experts very well know the right set of tools that will make your posts or blog grow on social media and put you ahead of your competitors. Join hands with us and enhance the quality of your content with right tools to get more social media shares. Contact us for any query.

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